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Home Topic of the Month Propane Shortage Consumer Information UPDATE
Propane Shortage Consumer Information UPDATE
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 16:43

Cook County is served by several propane vendors so many citizens are up against this propane shortage/high price issue already.  The Cook County Emergency Preparedness Committee is taking steps to get the word out to our citizens as more information becomes available.

For your information right now:

  • Governor Mark Dayton has declared a Peacetime State of Emergency in Minnesota in response to a severe shortage of propane and other home heating fuel supplies statewide.  This order allows the state and local jurisdictions to take extra measures to protect the citizens.  The full order, Emergency Executive Order 14-02, can be found at http://www.mn.gov/governor/images/EO-14-02.pdf

For right now people are asked to:

  • Conserve energy as much as possible. Turn down thermostats and be aware of your propane use.
  • If you think you might run out of fuel, plan ahead where you will go.  Reach out to family and friends for assistance.
  • Check on your neighbors, especially the sick or elderly
  • Be extremely cautious if you are using auxiliary heat sources (space heaters, gas fireplaces and the like)
  • Check on the availability of assistance before a crisis occurs by calling our area Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency (AEOA): 1-800-662-5711
  • Call 9-1-1 ONLY if you are in a crisis

What to do if you need fuel assistance:

  • State of Minnesota Hotline #, M-F, 9-4:30. 1-800-657-3504, can answer questions
  • Call AEOA for heating/fuel assistance information 1-800-662-5711 (on weekends and Holidays you leave a message and they call you back)
  • On-line AEOA application: http://aeoa.org/housing/energy-assistance
  • Fuel Assistance applications can be picked up at:
  1. o Community Center in Grand Marais 387- 1134. AEOA is able to assist you with completing the paper work
  2. o Courthouse: main lobby and Public Health and Human Services

Ways to Conserve Energy:

  • Turn down your thermostat to a comfortable temperature for you
  • Turn down your water heater from 120 to 115
  • Put on extra clothing, a hood or a hat indoors. Cover yourself with a blanket

Keeping you Safe:

  • Do not run a generator inside a home or garage or near the air intake of your home because of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning..
  • NEVER use your oven for heat. NEVER bring charcoal or gas grills indoors (they are a carbon monoxide hazard).
  • Use electric space heaters with automatic shut-off switches
  • Place a space heater on a level, hard, nonflammable surface, not on rugs, carpet or near drapes or bedding
  • Never leave children unattended near a space heater.
  • Turn portable heaters off before going to bed
  • People, pets and anything flammable- keep at least 3 feet from space heaters
  • Safety equipment: fire extinguisher, Smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector


Jim Wiinanen, Director

Cook County Emergency Management

Last Updated on Thursday, 30 January 2014 16:27


Jim Wiinanen

Law Enforcement Center
143 Gunflint Trail
Grand Marais, MN  55604

8AM-5PM  M-F