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Home Guiding Principles
Community Center Guiding Principles

1. Identity
a. Landmark destination - "The kind of center other communities visit to get inspired"
b. Represent local natural environment -stone/cobblestone, water, wood, timber frame,plantings
c. Represent local, historic industry - fishing, mining, trapping, logging, sustainable
agriculture, the arts, tourism
d. Positive project example of successful collaboration among multiple local
public/governing agencies.
e. Important to incorporate the historic 4H cabin
f. Visually warm, inviting, multi-generational and multi-cultural
g. Connectivity - forest to harbor; physical and visual considerations

2. Functional Relationships

a. Clear identity as a community center
b. Linked to the school, but probably not attached
c. Flexible hours of operation
d. Latchkey considerations
e. Envision monitored, electronic controlled access

3. Growth and Expansion
a. Prefer to meet all needs up front - facility that will serve Cook County for years to come
b. Flexibility for future expansion in defined areas is important.
c. Open spaces for interior flexibility and adaptability to growth and operational changes

4. Sustainability and Appearance
a. 50 to 100 year facility
b. Positive public project example of energy efficiency, environmental stewardship and cost
c. Alternative energy use and future adaptability is important
d. Facility that is easily maintained and technically supported - minimize operational costs
e. Use of natural daylight - views and energy efficiency
f. Incorporate common architectural themes/elements from the region
g. Lunde-style architecture with artistic elements - murals, stained glass, historical artwork.
h. Use of color is important

5. Service Area

a. This is a "Cook County" facility
b. Easy to find/get to - signage, unique identity, etc.
c. Incorporate a community garden
d. Incorporate a community pet park
e. Consider elements that would draw people to the center
f. Inviting/welcoming/accessible to all
g. Tiered memberships - day pass, yearly/monthly membership options

6. Project Priorities
a. Sustainability/durability/operational cost efficiency
b. Size/scope/function and cost/budget


Contact Information

Diane Booth

Cook County Community Center
317 West 5th Street
Grand Marais, MN  55604

1:30PM - 4:30PM  M-F