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Cook County Auditor-Treasurer's Office


The Auditor-Treasurer is an elected public official serving in the administrative branch of county government. The Auditor-Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer, Election Supervisor, and Property Tax Administrator for the County and is also a statutory member of the County Board of Equalization, the County Canvassing Board and the Extension Committee.


The mission of the Auditor-Treasurer's Office is to serve the public by safeguarding the assets of the county, providing timely, relevant and accurate information to the public and all branches of government and ensuring the integrity of our elections.
We strive to accomplish our mission in an efficient, professional and courteous manner.

The responsibilities of the office include:

Financial Administration: Preparing and overseeing the County Budgets, administering and maintaining the accounting system, and preparing the annual financial statement.

Cash Management: Investing all surplus cash. Safeguarding and monitoring the investment portfolio. Managing all county bank accounts and reconciling monthly statements.

Property Tax Administration: Calculating, collecting, reconciling and distributing property taxes, including delinquent taxes and special assessments. Maintaining property tax records and managing the tax forfeit proceedings.

Election Administration: Conducting state primary and general elections and special elections. Administering candidate filings and voter registration. Maintaining the State Voter Registration System.

Property Conveyances: Reviewing and certifying all property transfers, collecting all mortgage registration and deed taxes, including property split fees.




County Auditor
Braidy Powers
Chief Deputy Auditor
Aimee Luick
Financial Coordinator
Karen Blackburn
Deputy Auditor/Taxation
Cortnee Bernier
Deputy Auditor/Bookkeeper
Angie Cook
Office Support Specialist
Bev Wolke
Cook County Courthouse
411 W. 2nd Street
Grand Marais, MN  55604

8AM-4PM  M-F




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