Apply for a Planning and Zoning Permit

Planning and Zoning permit applications can be applied for online using the Cook County ePermitting application. Fees online are collected using a credit or debit card. When applying online you will automatically receive email notifications about the progress of your application or you can log in anytime to review current status.

PDF Permits

For those who prefer a paper application:
  • Select the appropriate permit application and print a copy
  • Mail or bring the completed application along with the fee to the Planning and Zoning Office in the Cook County Courthouse

Planning and Zoning Permits

Administrative Subdivision
Allows subdivision of property to create conforming new properties  Conditional/Interim Use Permit
A non-administrative permit often identified as such in the zone district criteria; often with conditions to allow reasonable enactment of the permit  Grading and Filling Permit Application
A permit intended to allow site modifications while minimizing off-site impacts through erosion and sediment control practices
Land Use Permit Application
Necessary for construction of structures greater than 160 square feet, or any habitable structure regardless of its size
New Sign Permit Application
Advertisement or displays of a commercial nature require a permit in Cook County
Sign Permit Renewal
Petition for Rezoning
If it is in the interest of the County, rezoning is a non-administrative shift of zone districts – typically to modify land use practices
Physical Address Application
Used to Identify properties and to route service and emergency responses
Recreational Vehicle Permit
Intended as a bridge between property purchase and construction of a permanent residence. This is a short duration permit designed to facilitate property enjoyment
Septic Inspection Request
Used to request an inspection of a private septic system; often triggered by a real estate transaction of new development
Septic Permit
A septic permit is required for all types of septic solutions; used whenever a property is inhabited Variance Application
A process allowing relief from ordinance constraints for construction of a structure or an area modification. This is a function of the Cook County Board of Adjustment

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