Contact the Prosecutor About Your Traffic Citation


The goal of the website inquiry process for traffic citations is to provide an avenue for traffic defendants to request leniency from the County Attorneys Office or provide an explanation . Your inquiry is sent to a two-attorney office which handles all levels of crime in Cook County, however, and a response to your inquiry will be delayed if more serious matters take priority.

You will receive a response by email within a reasonable time, but not necessarily by the time your citation is due for payment. Your website inquiry is not a communication with the Court and does not change your obligation to pay your citation or plead not guilty (to the court) within 30 days of the date of filing of the citation. In order to avoid late fees while your submission is being reviewed, it is your responsibility to request an extension of your time to pay date by calling Court Administration at (218) 387-3610.



Provide your email address so we can get back to you with a response to your question/concern.

Note: The prosecutor will access your DPS record of violations for purposes of determining whether to offer leniency.

Your inquiry creates a written record that becomes government data once in the possession of the Cook County Attorney’s Office. Unless an exception exists, government data is public. Any communication you make through this system may by presented in court as evidence should the matter go to court in a contested proceeding.

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